5 juni 2006

One “Singel” Thought
Do people swim in there?
Why is the water so brown?
Is it safe to jump in from here?
Is that water deep enough for someone to drown?
Where do all those secret doors lead to?
Are they passage ways from a long time ago?
Can people park their boats there if they need to?
Do those big pleasure boats really have to go so slow?

One day I’d like to own a small electric boat
Putter slowly through this enchanting chocolate maze
Admiring the studios, shops, terraces and ducks afloat
Escaping the city’s buzzing vibrant craze
And just outside the city’s limits I’d risk a frosty dip
And squish the squishy bottom through my pinky toe
I’d glance over at the bobbing houseboats and a possible passing ship
if my friends back home knew what I now know

Robert Gallicano

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