20 november 2006

Amerikaanse begraafplaats, Margraten

Lawn Mower Masseurs

That buzzing sound, those marching feet, oh thank the heavens they are here
The Lawn Mower Masseurs, again - hoorah, its that special time of year
My mole friends they tell me that the grass is a long, healthy crop of green
I just pray that the Lawn Mower Masseurs keep rolling their massaging lawn mowing machines
The vibrations are so stimulating, from my head down to my feet
They breath "life" into this restless soul oh what a welcome treat
There is now warmth here down under, under the earthworms and the rocks
These Lawn Mower Masseurs keep reality within reach even in this uncomfortable box
If I could only smell that fresh cut grass and see the sun shining on this fine day
But I must settle for this life here underground, accept it, so my neighbors say

Robert Gallicano

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